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Beary is quite the mac daddy!

Beary is the son, brother, and lover of Benzaie of GYMDK.


Beary's first appearance on TGWTG was in Benzaie's Power Slave review, but his internet debut was in Benzaie's review of Jim Power (which was later remade for Beary is also the sister of . Beary, who is French in origin, has undergone reverse puberty, having a deeper voice, eventually having a very high pitched voice. He is a graduate of the University of Glasses, Class of '08, where he majored in Sex Ed. and Being Awesome 101.

Beary, born in the plains of France, was never loved as a child. His father would put him in microwaves, even though he was also his brother. Eventually, they reconciled, becoming each other's lovers with matching eye patches. It is still unknown if Beary and his sister ever reconciled over their falling out due to the Genesis Does What Nintendon't campaign.

Beary has a massive fan following amongst internet celebrities, including Noah Antwiler, TheCat , and PawDugan. AngryJoe has even stated that Beary was the one to inspire his own work.

He is also known as a pathological liar, claiming to be the lead singer of Dead or Alive, and enjoys counting the words in Harry Potter books.

Recently, Beary has taken to watching the Twilight movies for some reason.


In May of 2009, a video was released by Benzaie that showed Mike Ellis and Beary in a relationship. Since then, rumors have run rampant that there may be something more to this seemingly meaningless joke. A picture was secretly distributed showing the two holding hands (read: hand and paw), however, Beary's lawyers have denied such a photo existing, and that it was simply a story released by the Media to raise their readership numbers.

In the same video, Benzaie claimed to have named Beary, but Braeden Orr made a statement demanding Benzaie tell everyone that it was he who named Beary. Although Benzaie admitted he did not come up with the name on his own, Beary has stated, "Benzaie named me. I mean seriously, who does that *expletive* loser think he is? Only a genius could come up with a name as clever as Beary!".

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