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'''Daniel:''' ''(rapping)'' I'm a raptor, doin' what I can...
'''Daniel:''' ''(rapping)'' I'm a raptor, doin' what I can...
'''NC (vo):''' ...when Johnny mentions a certain word.
'''NC (vo):''' ...when Julani mentions a certain word.
'''Julani:''' ''(rapping)'' Imma be a star, definite fan. / So, the word up... (thinks for a second) Bangarang!
'''Julani:''' ''(rapping)'' Imma be a star, definite fan. / So, the word up... (thinks for a second) Bangarang!
'''Emma:''' ''(pushes Julani back lightly)'' You can't make up words on your own.
'''Emma:''' ''(pushes Julani back lightly)'' You can't make up words, Julani.
'''NC:''' Oh, 609 million views disagree. ''(A screenshot of the music video "Bangarang" by Skrillex is shown on YouTube)''
'''NC:''' Oh, 609 million views disagree. ''(A screenshot of the music video "Bangarang" by Skrillex is shown on YouTube)''

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November 14, 2017
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(The shortened opening)

NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to.

(A poster for Hook appears in the corner, followed by a shot of the Rotten Tomatoes site in the center, which shows that critics gave the film a 29% rating, against a 76% rating from audiences)

NC: Everybody loved Hook, except for critics...

(A shot of the Lost Boys from that movie appears in the corner, followed by a negative critique of them from RogerEbert.com in the center)

NC: ...and everybody loved the Lost Boys, except for critics. (the phrase "Seriously, WTF?" appears in the critique) And the one Lost Boy that everybody loved the most, including critics, is Rufio. (in the center, a shot of Rufio looking at Peter Banning (Robin Williams) appears)

(The pictures related to the leader of the Lost Boys, Rufio (Dante Basco) are shown)

NC (vo): Though not a character from the original story Peter Pan, the new leader of the Lost Boys has gained popularity as...well, the cool Lost Boy. Everybody seemed to love this kid, because it seemed like he was the awesome rebel. It was even hinted that with every boy coming from a different time period, Rufio's time period was most likely the 80s, as if he couldn't be more badass already.

NC: With fans still loving the character, Rufio's actor, Dante Basco, shown here in this dignified file footage...

(The clip of Dante dressed as Prince Zuko and shooting fireballs is shown)

Dante: Honor! Honor! Honor!...

NC: ...did a crowdfunding campaign to put together a short based around the character. That short's name is Bangarang.

(The card for the short film Bangarang is shown in the corner. The title of it is shown, before going to its clips)

NC (vo): Finally, we have a backstory to Mr. Skunkhead with too much mousse. And it seems to have the blessing of the person who obviously knows the most about the character, Dante Basco.

NC: Is it worth checking out? Well, let's take a quick look and see. This is my review of Bangarang.

(The film begins with showing the pretty modern-looking playground and the little kids named Roofus, Ella and Julani having fun playing pirates)

NC (vo): Well, seeing how Rufio was said to be an 80s kid, the film starts out...in present day.

NC: Eh, sounds about right. The 80s are everywhere now! (The pictures of media having references to this time period appear, clockwise: Atomic Blonde, GLOW, Kung Fury, It (2017), Thor: Ragnarok and the second season of Stranger Things)

NC (vo): We see our young lead is named Roofus, having a sword fight on a playground, as kids do.

NC: And... (coughs) some adults. (A clip from Suburban Knights is shown, showing the characters fighting on playground)

(A bully named Sid comes up to Roofus, Ella and Julani)

NC (vo): But a bully approaches them.

Ella (Olivia Trujillo): I wish we would stop anger!

Roofus (Sheaden Gabriel): No. Bad form. Negotiate.

NC: (chuckles) Wow! They're, like, medieval times waiting staff committed to this!

NC (vo): Why do I get the feeling you're all gonna be the D&D player nobody likes to play with? As long as you don't mail used condoms to your friends, I'm good.

Sid (Tyler Ross): Roofus! Buddy! The hell are you doin' here? This is a kids' playground.

NC: (as Sid) You're late to your addition for Grease! You're not even wearing your jacket!

(Sid tackles Roofus. We then cut to him in a principal's office)

NC (vo): He gets in a fight with the bully, and he's called to Principal Cameo's office.

Principal (Dante Basco): You play football? Sports?

Roofus: I...believe. (He sits in the principal's chair, putting legs on table) In things.

Principal: Oh, you're a believer? You're a dreamer. What do you dream about?

NC (vo; as Roofus): Like, how the Moon landing was fake. (as the principal) Okay, we need to talk.

Roofus: I can't ever remember.

Principal: Well, how are you supposed to live out your dreams, if you don't remember 'em?

(Roofus stands up and goes to sit next to the principal, but not before doing a few pirouettes)

Principal: You know, I used to be like Sid. I was a bully...

NC: No, no, no, no, no, no! We need to address that twirl!

NC (vo): If he forgets what he believes, well, he believed he was Billy Elliot for a second, and he should be reminded.

Principal: ...Mad at the world because of things I thought I could control. But that one thing's gone from me. And one thing that would keep me up when life is down...

NC: (as the principal) Catching the Avatar. (normal) All right, I know you were all counting down to that joke. (The caption "2:49" appears) Here's the winning timestamp.

Principal: A single memory that I held tight and close to my heart... (takes his Peter Pan book from his table) A happy one. (throws it to Roofus) Here. Homework.

NC (vo; as Roofus): Oh, as a kid who believes in fantasies, I've never heard of this story!

NC: (as Roofus) I don't really pay attention to things unless there's a Disney film about it.

(At Roofus' home, his mother calls him, Ella and Julani to her)

NC (vo): Roofus goes home to meet with his friends, but sadly, they have to be told some bad news.

Mother (Cheryl Tsai): I will be going back to the Philippines for a time. And Roofus will be going to a foster home.

Julani (Keilyn Bryant): Forever?

Mother: No, not forever. Until the family adopts him, or...until I can come back.

Ella: Really? I didn't think anyone wanted to adopt a 13-year-old boy.

NC: That 13-year-old boy is sitting right next to you, sensitivity training!

Mother: As long as you don't get a bunch of tattoos and dye your head red.

NC: (as the mother) Need I remind you of your Uncle Ronald? (A picture of Ronald McDonald pops up)

(We fade to Roofus' room...via a pretty sloppy transition, actually)

NC (vo): She's obviously anxious about leaving Roofus, as represented by a crossfade that was so anxious to start, it forgot to actually fade in, as Roofus tries to escape into his stories of Peter Pan. (The walls in Roofus' room are shown to have a pattern of various sports balls) Boy, for a kid not interested in football or sports, he sure does have a lot of football and sports on his walls...what the hell?

(Roofus's shadow appears on the wall and grows a Mohawk hair)

NC: Goku! (That character from Dragon Ball anime is shown) Use your Super Saiyan power to keep me here!

(The shadow brings out a sword)

NC: Or a...sword. Weird choice. Oh, wait!

NC (vo): You're Sonic from Black Knight!

NC: That's even better! (squints) I think.

(Roofus is still having fun on the playground the next day)

NC (vo): Next day, he's rapping with his friends...literally...

Roofus: (rapping) ???

NC: Eh, that's not bad. But nothing beats Peter Banning when he's off-camera!

(The clip from Mrs. Doubtfire is shown above NC, showing Daniel Hillard (Williams) cleaning the dinosaur figurines and rapping)

Daniel: (rapping) I'm a raptor, doin' what I can...

NC (vo): ...when Julani mentions a certain word.

Julani: (rapping) Imma be a star, definite fan. / So, the word up... (thinks for a second) Bangarang!

Emma: (pushes Julani back lightly) You can't make up words, Julani.

NC: Oh, 609 million views disagree. (A screenshot of the music video "Bangarang" by Skrillex is shown on YouTube)

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