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Aunt Despair is a character from the Nostalgia Critic portrayed by Tamara Chambers. She was first introduced in the Lady in the Water review telling her son a bedtime story while snorting cocaine. She has since appeared in the Labyrinth and Cats & Dogs reviews. She wears a purple jumper and a pink bandana around her head, and is nearly always seen with a cigarette dangling from her mouth. In Labyrinth (NC), it is revealed she is married to Uncle Lies. Her name was revealed to be Aunt Despair in The Phantom of the Opera review.

She told the story of the Nostalgia Critic's Balto review to her little niece. unfortunately, the girl looked up the real Balto story and it turns out that the Critic didn't do his review on Balto yet, so everything she told the girl was a lie. She told the critic that she wanted to leave the girl at his place so that she didn't have to tell her that Both of her parents died from Devil Erotic Asphyxiation. then she left the building while the Uncle Lies was waiting for her in the car. she enters the car and Creepy Dad drives off with Aunt Despair.

She later appeared with Uncle Lies at the end of the Monkeybone review picking up the two little kids who were being babysitted by the Nostalgia Critic, but the both of them might have been kidnapping the two kids.

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