Ask That Guy

AskThatGuy in his current location

AskThatGuy is the host of Ask That Guy With the Glasses. He answers "stupid" questions for the viewers. He always opens up an episode by saying 'Hello' in a different language and/or a different way. For April Fools Day 2009 the Nostalgia Critic answered questions while AskThatGuy reviewed Monsters vs. Aliens instead of Chester A. Bum.

Appearance & Personality

AskThatGuy wears a blue robe with a red ascot, as well as, of course, a pair of glasses. He is frequently seen with a pipe in his hand, and he used to have a red book in his other, until he switched to a red martini glass.

Although he claims to be all-knowing, despite that, he can be easily described as a pervert, a homicidal maniac, or all of the above. In face, only one person has bested him in that regard, so far.

Year One Brawl

After Giant Robotic Donkey Kong Jesus Riding a Puff of Smoke fought Super Mecha Death Christ and exploded, the reviewers continued to fight each other, but AskThatGuy appears, telling them to stop. Ironically stating that he "may not know all the answers", he convinces everyone to settle their differences and takes a picture of everyone after they did just that.


As the reviewers start to beat up the Nostalgia Critic, AskThatGuy enters quickly, telling them to wait a moment. However, he reveals he showed up because it was just time for his cameo and leaves abruptly.

Surburban Knights

Team B of the reviewers entered the house of a woman looking suspiciously like the Makeover Fairy and entered the basement looking for the Voice of the Ancient World. They found AskThatGuy there, who greets them with his usual shtick. They question why he's in the woman's house, though AskThatGuy says that the better question is why the woman is in his house. He tells them the Voice is in the other room, having placed a note next to the box holding it to not make it "too obvious". After the Voice leaves, AskThatGuy gives them another "not too obvious" sheet of paper telling them the location of Malachite's Hand; right where they had started.

To Boldly Flee

After the Plot Hole swallowed the entire universe and Dr. Insano took the Critic's house, AskThatGuy offers his house as the site of a low budget Hollywood cocaine party, which everyone, especially Cinema Snob, accepted.


On December 2nd, 2014, AskThatGuy did his final episode. At the end, he exploded.

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