Apollo Z. Hack


Real Name
Matt Burkett

The one and only Apollo Z. Hack is said to be the savior or the destroyer of the reviewaverse. In reality, he's a fan of classic Japanese shows like Kamen Rider and other shows from the land of the rising sun. Hailing from Arizona, Hack got his start in the blogs of TGWTG.com like many others before him. His review style is unique compared to his contemporaries as he tells a story while reviewing something. On May 31st, 2011, Apollo posted via Facebook that he will no longer be a part of TGWTG.com, which he decided to leave voluntarily. This was confirmed in the site update on 2nd June 2011. Before leaving the site, he did some special visual effects work for the Year Three special Suburban Knighs.

Third Act Films

Hack has is own film troupe which aids him in the Reviewaverse Saga and everything else he does.

A Reviewaverse Saga

Hack's story is told in a show called A Reviewaverse Saga. There, Hack explains the origins of "The reviewaverse" and is told very much like a cinematic opus. The show premiered in the blogs and later as a part of TGWTG.com in January 2011.

The Hackdown

The HACKdown is a companion series to the Reviewaverse show. It's a more traditional review show when compared to "Reviewaverse".

Involvement with Year Three and Suburban Knights

Matt worked on the Year Three special Suburban Knights before leaving the site. While not actually appearing in it as Apollo Z. Hack or any other character, he did some, possibly most, of the special visual effects. But before his work on the special was finished Matt left the site. Phelous took over the effects work after the departure. Both are given credit for their work in the special.


  • Another FRAKKIN' MAGfest Video (January 24th, 2011)
  • The Making Of AzH Episodes 1&2 (February 18th, 2011)
  • Pre-AZH: Legna XX (March 25th, 2011)
  • Reviewaverse Saga: The Making of EP3 (May 12th, 2011)
  • EP4 - Attack Mode! BLOOPERS! (May 19th, 2011)


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