Anthony R

Anthony R

Real Name
Anthony Ragusa
TGWTG Wiki Staff
Wiki Staff

Anthony Ragusa, known on the site as Anthony R, is a blogger and wiki staff member of He began writing text reviews of bad moments in music history. His blog won Awesome Blog of the Week by TheCat. Since May of 2009, Anthony upgraded his reviews to videos, hoping to one day get picked up as a featured talent on the site. In September of the same year, Anthony became an official member of the Channel Awesome Wiki staff.

Music Freak

Music Freak began in December of 2008, where Anthony would review moments in music he generally had a distaste for. A main theme in his blogs/video series is that he would somehow make a compliment to whatever he would be tearing into, a notable exception was his review of 2gether.


Music Freak is in's Blog Section

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