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On October 20th, 2009, MarzGurl produced an Animé related editorial show where she takes a look at Animé news items of the week and discusses her opinion of the news.

Originally intended to be a small rant about pirating, an administrative mistype that gave the Editorial a mistitle of "Episode 1", caused her fans to expect and demand more episodes and news, and caused her to create additional episodes.

Most episodes are under 10 minutes long, and the show is usually updated weekly.


Episode Number Title Description Date Released
1 Is This Legal? In the first, and originally planned to be ONLY episode, MarzGurl discusses the popularity of animé piracy and streaming, and how it actually does harm the studios producing them. October 20th, 2009
2 To The Movies MarzGurl looks at the baffling decline of popularity of animé movies. October 27th, 2009
3 Road to Hollywood In this episode, Marzgurl discusses converting an animé property into a Hollywood movie, as well as discussing adaptations in general. November 3rd, 2009
4 The Mystery Movie Marzgurl speculates on the "mystery movie". An apparent adaptation of a Shotaro Ishinomori property has been licensed by Hollywood... but nobody seems to know which one. November 11th, 2009
5 Release This Manga A brief report on a few potential manga titles that appeared on, suggesting a new licensed property, plus a quick description of the manga, "Neko Ramen". November 18th, 2009
6 Power of Money MarzGurl reports on the recent investment projects of Funimation, as well as discussing how Japanese and American often work together to produce animé. November 25th, 2009
7 Out With Old MarzGurl reports on U.S. Shonen Jump's ending of two series. Later she discusses how many modern animé have taken a darker, bleaker turn. December 4th, 2009
8 Title Card Contest! Realizing that many people don't even realize that Animé News Editorial is her series, MarzGurl announced a title card entry contest. December 9th, 2009
9 Budget Cut Moment In the first episode to use an opening, Marzgurl discusses the future of IMAGI entertainment as the company laid off 1/4 of their workforce after Astro Boy bombed in theaters. December 16th, 2009
10 Not Animé's fault Animé fans get a bad rap as it is, so MarzGurl is relieved to report that the case of the missing 14 year old girl, and her 40+ year old kidnapper had little to do with animé, and more to do with a typical case of a troubled teen. December 27th, 2009
11 J-Rock Music Videos MarzGurl informs her audience that J-Rock group, "X Japan" will be filming music videos in Los Angeles (on Jan 9, 2010), and encourages anyone to attend. December 30th, 2009
12 More Panty Power? MarzGurl discusses a new ecchi property and laments the recent rash of high-school related Animé shows. January 6th, 2010
13 Title Card Entries! The title card entries are in. MarzGurl showcases the entries in this video, while providing instructions on how you can vote. January 13th, 2010
14 Adult Swim's New Line-Up Marz talks about the dodgy new line-up of shows on Cartoon Network's Animé block. January 20th, 2010
15 New This Week On her birthday, Kaylyn discusses new animé DVD releases for the week. January 27th, 2010
16 Dragon Ball Kai Kaylyn goes over the next installment of Dragon Ball. A remastered and faster paced version! February 3rd, 2010
17 Anime Museum Exhibit An exhibit on Animé in museums? In San Francisco? February 10th, 2010
18 Classic Streaming Gundam Gundam gets new life online through streaming sites! February 17th, 2010
19 New Trigun Movie News on the new Trigun movie! February 24th, 2010
20 Plagiarism in Manga Plagiarists look out! Marz is on your trail! March 4th, 2010
21 Censoring in Anime Funimation is censoring stuff!! March 10th, 2010
22 Goodbye Streaming Anime Someone stopped streaming!! March 17th, 2010
23 See You Later! Kaylyn's off to Japan for three weeks! March 24th, 2010
24 Thank You, Carl Remembering the man who brought Animé like Macross to American audiences. April 21st, 2010
25 Bang Zoom Over? The future of Animé is discussed. Is it torrent's fault? April 28th, 2010
26 Some Positive News! Positive News! YAY! May 6th, 2010
27 4Kids Possibly Selling? 4Kids selling? What? May 14th, 2010
28 Anime on TV Anime and Hasbro? May 24th, 2010
29 FUNimation Selling, Too? Is FUNimation selling? June 3rd, 2010
30 Manga on iPad Steve Jobs wants your money! June 9th, 2010
31 Manga Gone Legit Wait...Manga wasn't legit before? June 16th, 2010
32 DMP Goes Scanlation Scanlation discussion June 23rd, 2010
33 Conventions and Jrock Conventions! JRock! Excitement! Also, both Marz and Spoony will be at SGC this Fourth of July 2010! June 30th, 2010
34 All New Licenses All New! All Different! All New Licenses for anime! July 7th, 2010
35 Streaming Turns Profit Cha-Ching! July 14th, 2010
36 Nozomi Streams Too! More streaming fun! YAY! July 21st, 2010
37 One Manga, Too Is One Manga shutting down? July 28th, 2010
38 Investigation - Latin America Marz talks about Anime in other parts of the world! August 4th, 2010
39 Digital Manga Applications Are Manga reading apps that good? August 18th, 2010
Special Satoshi Kon Forever Kaylyn reports on the passing of Satoshi Kon August 24th, 2010
40 Bankruptcy for Anime Another company goes under? -_- September 8th, 2010
41 Ishinomori Manga Digital Digital Manga! September 22nd, 2010
42 Anime Goes Cable Anime on cable tv! September 29th, 2010
43 J-Rock Plus Comics Stan Lee + Guitar Wolf? October 13th, 2010
44 Thank you Yoshinobu Another Anime great is gone but not forgotten. November 10th, 2010
45 Anti-Otaku Law Could Japanese animation, comics, and video games be changing forever? December 22nd, 2010
46 Anime Content Expo When the now well-hated Governer of Tokyo host the Tokyo International Anime Fair, what do anime companies decide to do for themselves? January 5th, 2011
47 MAGfest & More Come to MAGFest for all your TGWTG needs! Plus more upcoming material for the New Year. January 12th, 2011
48 Kahn Leaves 4Kids 4Kids' CEO Al Kahn quits and retires from 4Kids Entertainment. Sounds like a dream to fans, but is that what this really means for this company? January 19th, 2011
49 Good and Bad? MarzGurl discusses 4Kids' bankruptcy and FUNimation's sale to... themselves? April 9th, 2011
50 Just Give Up Even though 4Kids has been sued and is filing for bankruptcy, they just can't accept that Yu-Gi-Oh! may end up in another company's hands. May 19th, 2011
51 Where's the Licenses? As TOKYOPOP shuts down, they explain what's happening with all of their unfinished and unpublished manga. May 26th, 2011
52 Starz's Live-Action Anime Sam Raimi's live-action TV adaptation of the anime series Noir just got greenlit to air on Starz. Can this be pulled off gracefully? June 18th, 2011
53 Hello Kitty + KISS Just how terrifying is it that Gene Simmons is working with Sanrio to make a KISS-specialized Hello Kitty? June 25th, 2011
54 Do Robots Dream? Long after Satoshi Kon's passing, one of his dying wishes may not actually get fulfilled. December 15th, 2011
55 No Direct Downloads Anime and fansubbing takes a blow after the feds shut down the direct download filesharing site, MegaUpload, and other filesharers close down. What happens to the community now? January 23rd, 2012
56 Scouts Still Survive After all this time, Sailor Moon still holds its presence in the US market with its manga re-release holding out at #1. What does this further imply? February 7th, 2012
57 Toonami April Fools After an elaborate prank on the part of Cartoon Network, is there at all a possibility for a Toonami revival? April 9th, 2012
58 Toonami Comes Back A short, audio-only ANE while MarzGurl builds a new PC, but Toonami's return is too exciting not to discuss! What can we expect? May 26th, 2012
59 Neon Alley Network Short and to the point, Marz tells you about her experience with the new 24/7 English-dubbed anime network for the PlayStation 3. October 13th, 2012


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