Real Name
Andrew James Leavitt

Andycakes aka Andrew James Leavitt is MarzGurl's roommate and often costar of many videos. He's appeared in MarzGurl's first full video on the site when she and several of her friends attempted a skit with low budget Power Rangers. Andy was the guy who screamed "BLACK TRAIN!" Ever since then, he worked behind the scenes, helping MarzGurl with her projects. He appears in the story arc where Kaylyn attempted to reinvent herself (A New Day/Like What?) as the guy critiquing her video, the one who snaps her back into normalcy, invited her to a water balloon fight during Kaylyn's Christmas 2009 segment and cameos in the 18th and 28th Animé News Editorial. Who knows when he'll appear again?

Before TGWTG

Before TGWTG, Andy was a fellow convention hopper, making videos with Marz as they went from convention to convention.


Andy used to be seen playing World of Warcraft with Kaylyn, ChaosD1, Cferra and "Sheepwithblogs" on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night. His character, "Watsispretty" is a Blood Elf hunter and his pet, Andycakes, tends to cause more harm than good. Hilarity ensues as it keeps raking in the complete party wipes. He also has a habit of using the Feign Death ability purely for comedic effect. He's still a good WoW player.


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