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Anastasia (Dingo Pictures)


February 24, 2017
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Phelous: What is anything even?

Phelous: If only the real Anastasia had an immediate proof pendant. Would've saved some time.

Phelous: Nobody has survived, they all must be dead.

Phelous: I hate when I can't remember my anything!

Rasputin: The Tsar is dead!

Phelous: Why? Why is the Bluth Anastasia here? And why is she a man?

Phelous: That must've already happened if you've gotten rid of the Tsar, you stupid rat!

Rasputin: Revolution? We've had one a couple of years ago.

Rasputin: Don't talk such rubbish!

Rasputin: How can I find the girl after all this time? She can be anywhere now!

Phelous: They hope that is true? Why?

Phelous: What was any of that?

Boris: Is Asha not your real daughter?

Boris: You are Anastasia!

Anastasia: Rubbish! Everyone knows the family of the Tsar was killed at that time.

Anastasia: What's wrong, dear father?

Phelous: Why?

Rasputin: Get away, you country bumpkin!

Rasputin: That was Anastasia! Am I an idiot?

Phelous: You sure are.

Anastasia: I don't wanna be killed by Rasputin!

Rasputin: Unfortunately I made a mistake by not touching this girl!

Sonic: That's no good.

Rasputin: Only if she's dead, can I come to power!

Phelous: I was thinking of voting for Rasputin next election but only if he blows up a girl with a bomb.

Anastasi: You heartless man! How can you say that?