Amanda Kay
Real Name
Amanda Kay
Reviews Editor for Blistered Thumbs

Amanda Kay was a review editor for Blistered Thumbs. A while back, AngryJoe asked her to contribute articles to BT. They had been in contact for about two years and he liked her writing. When BT was about to launch in November of 2010, he asked her and the rest is history! Without warning, her duties somehow turned into being a Community Manager. This of course was old hat for Amanda as she had been community and content editor on before.

Both Amanda and AngryJoe left BT in 2011 to focus on growing the AngryJoeShow.

Amanda cameoed in AngryJoe's Witcher 2 review as his girlfriend. The review is a reflection of real life, as AngryJoe and Mandy have been in a relationship since November of 2010.

Amanda wrote AngryJoe's video, "Top 32 Reasons Fable III Sucks."

Amanda lent a fake English accent to AngryJoe's XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review, where she voiced the computer in the introduction.

Amanda was featured in AngryJoe's "Top 10 Worst Games of 2012" video; she contributed the short Let's Play for AMY.

Amanda has appeared in many of Joe's playthroughs in games that allow co-op. She appeared in Saint's Row, where she enjoyed hitting Joe's character with a dildo bat. She appeared again in the Borderlands 2 review, but her voice was only heard once, when Joe took a loot drop she had wanted. Her next appearance was in The Elder Scrolls Online, where she featured extensively in the quest missions.

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