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A Nightmare On Elm Street: Fearbook

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Running Time
Air Date
October 9, 2017
A Nightmare On Elm Street: The Beginning #1-2
New Line Cinema's Tales Of Horror #1

Linkara: Next time, we take a look at Wild Storm’s contribution to the Nightmare franchise and see if anybody was able to make these things work!

[He throws the comic unto the futon and gets up. We then cut to then end credits]

Wait, someone in Springwood seriously named their kid "Vlad?"

Also, the name of the comic seems to be a play on "yearbook," yet there is nothing in here that goes along with that theme.

[Following the end credits, we cut to Linkara heading to his computer. He looks at the posters for the That Guy With The Glasses anniversary specials and his Atop the 4th Wall DVDs, when he finally finds the invitation about a contest that appeared back in Stormwatch #0. He picks it up and reads it.]

Linkara: “Linkara, you are cordially invited to participate in the 1,049th Interdimensional Contest of Champions. Speak aloud your acceptance to participate and details will follow. Congratulations, champion.” The hell? [Looks around to see if this is a prank.] Okay, assuming this isn’t something for some prank video, I would want some more details before I accepted, so… [A blinding light appears out of nowhere, Linkara shields his eyes] Ahh!

[We then see a mysterious cloaked figure appear out of nowhere]

Cloaked Figure: The Interdimensional Contest of Champions is a tournament. Within every parallel reality, there are figures best suited to defend those realities, these individuals are referred to as champions. The hosts for this contest, the Temblins have elected to hold a tournament to judge their respective skills against another.

Linkara: And just who are the-

Cloaked Figure: [Interrupts] Participants are randomly selected across all realities and invitations are sent. You are under no obligation to join this great tournament. But, should you enter, you will be granted the opportunity to test your abilities against other powerful individuals and make an attempt at a great prize. All battles are non-lethal and participation is voluntary. Should you remain victorious through all of your battles, you will be awarded this great prize. Defeat bring only as much dishonor as you allow yourself. If you have any further questions, you may ask now.

Linkara: What exactly happens if I accept?

Cloaked Figure: While you have been invited to participate, a preliminary round must be made to assure no mistake has been made in selecting you as a universal champion. Neither victory nor defeat will matter. The test will be an evaluation of your status as a champion.

Linkara: How long do I have before I need to choose?

Cloaked Figure: You have one day in your planet’s time frame to decide. If you wish to ask further questions, simply touch any part of your invitation.

[He disappears. He puts down the invitations and grabs his communicator watch.]

Linkara: Pollo, get the interdimensional communicator on Comicron-1 up and running, I need to talk to Jarris.

[The End]