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Cinemadonna - A Certain Sacrifice

CIN A Certain Sacrifice by krin

Date Aired
August 24th, 2014
Running Time
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Todd: Now, in previous episodes, I said things like...

Respective clips of Desperately Seeking Susan and Shanghai Surprise

Todd (VO): ..."this was Madonna's first movie," "this was Madonna's first starring role," etc.

Todd: And that was true. However...

Clips of A Certain Sacrifice

Todd (VO): 1979, an unknown 21-year-old named Louise Ciccone got paid $100 to star in a low-budget independent film. That film was called A Certain Sacrifice, but unfortunately, did not get released. I mean, obviously, it was a cheapo, no-budget loser of a movie, and it had no potential audience. How could this ever get released? Wasn't gonna happen.

Todd: The only possible way this piece of trash would ever see the light of day [brief clip of "Express Yourself"] is if one of its actors became the biggest superstar in the world. But what are the odds of that?

Cinemadonna intro

Transcript in progress

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