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AMV Heaven is a show created and hosted by That Dude In the Suede. Like his other show Animenia, it is currently on hiatus while Suede is out on his two year mission for his church. In each video, Suede discusses an Anime Music Video (AMV) that he believes to be of great merit, as opposed to the vast majority of AMV's that are of poor quality. Rather than including the reviewed material in his videos, Suede provides links to them so that the original creators receive due credit for their work.


  • AMV Heaven: Episode 1 (8/3/08)
  • AMV Heaven: Episode 2 (9/8/08)
  • AMV Heaven: Episode 3 (10/9/08)
  • AMV Heaven: Episode 4 - Shounen Bushido (5/10/11)
  • AMV Heaven: Episode 5 - Hold Me Now (1/21/12)
  • AMV Heaven: Episode 6 - Binary Overdrive (5/30/12)
  • AMV Heaven: Episode 7 - DAICON IV (7/29/12)

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