'90s Kid is a slacker-type character Linkara uses to describe comics made in the 1990s. He imitates 1990s comic book culture at the time, showing fascination with Rob Liefeld art and other aspects of comics made during the decade. When the '90s Kid makes an appearance, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana can be heard in the background. He wears a black t-shirt with the text: wysiwyg which is an abbreviation for "what you see, is what you get".


Mechakara Battle

Along with Harvey Finevoice and the Ninja-Style Dancer, '90s Kid participated in the fight against Mechakara, '90s Kid wielding his favorite weapon, a humongous arm-mounted gatling gun. They manage to bring Mechakara down for a few seconds, but then leave Linkara to face him alone when Mechakara adapts to their weapons.

Linkara is Missing

'90s Kid manages to land a comic review of "Freak Force #1" two weeks after Linkara was first abducted. '90s Kid started by taking over the theme song then he reviewed the comic in his usual obnoxious style, although, he still found some parts of the comic he didn't like, mostly the parts without guns. Once he finished the review, he decided play on the Sega Genesis for a half hour (part of that time was off-screen), much to the exasperation of Harvey Finevoice. It is because of his irresponsibility that the Ninja-Style Dancer appeared in the next review, just in case the successor, Iron Liz, was going to do the same thing that '90s Kid did. Linkara later told Pollo after he returned not to let '90's Kid host his show again.

Lord Vyce Conflict

'90s Kid's next major appearence would be in the "Superman: Distant Fires" review, where he begs Linkara to let him use Linkara's BFG. Linkara refuses, to which '90s Kid responds: "Dude, you are such a bummer, you know that?" Linkara answers sarcastically, then asks if '90's Kid managed to modify it. '90's Kid says he can't, since "this thing's already maxxed out to be AWESOME!" He then says that they would need "like a magic wand..." to do so. Linkara says he would worry about it later, then commands '90s Kid to clean the gun, "And try not to shoot up the walls this time when you do it!" "No promises!"

He later reappears to combine forces with Linkara, Iron Liz, Harvey Finevoice, and Lt. Munro to defeat Lord Vyce, with '90s Kid once again wielding his arm-mounted gatling gun. After Vyce is defeated, '90s Kid suggests shooting him again. However, Linkara merely just banishes Vyce instead.

The Entity

'90's Kid would later inadvertantly allow the abduction of Ninja-Style Dancer by the Entity. After being chased by the Entity for some time, he finally finds Linkara who tries to help but is interuptted by '90s Kid on the phone, giving the Entity time to abduct the Ninja.

'90s Kid would later be seen with Harvey Finevoice, having been accepted reluctantly back into Karaoke Night just before Finevoice himself was also abducted.

Other Appearences

'90's Kid would appear at the end of the "Silent Hill Dead/Alive #5" review as a hallucionation experienced by Linkara, along with Pollo and Finevoice. They all disappear after Linkara goes back to his senses.

He got to show off his coolness during a dude-off at Youmacon while traversing it with Chester A. Bum.

He made two cameo appearances on the Nostalgia Critic, first in Alone In The Dark (in which he is shot) and then in Biodome (when the Critic questions how lazy people had good stuff in the 90s, and then the '90s Kid is confronted by his shotgun-wielding landlord).

90's Kid also made a cameo in Spoony's Beastmaster 2 review.

'90s Kid also made an appearence in Linkara and the Cinema Snob's crossover review of Bimbo's B.C. After his usual schtick, '80s Dan manages to find him and they converse before heading off the review.

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