'90s Kid is a slacker-type character Linkara uses to describe comics made in the 1990s. He imitates 1990s comic book culture at the time, showing fascination with Rob Liefeld art and other aspects of comics made during the decade. When the '90s Kid makes an appearance, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana can be heard in the background. He got to show off his coolness during a dude-off at Youmacon, and later on during the battle against Pollo the Robot/Mechakara, where he got to use his favorite weapon- a huge arm-mounted gun.

'90s Kid manages to land a comic review of "Freak Force #1" two weeks after Linkara was first abducted. '90s Kid started by taking over the theme song then he reviewed the comic in his usual obnoxious style, although, he still found some parts of the comic he didn't like, mostly the parts without guns. In the end, he just abandons the review altogether and plays on the Sega Genesis for a half hour (part of that time was offscreen), much to the exasperation of Harvey Finevoice. It is because of his irresponsibility that the Ninja-Style Dancer appeared in the next review, just in case the successor, Iron Liz, was going to do the same thing that '90s Kid did. Linkara later told Pollo after he returned not to let '90's Kid host his show again.

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