'80s Sitcom mania!

'80s Dan is an adult man from the '80s who, through unknown means ("magically transported" is the only official explanation), was brought to the present, where he attempts to subject his friends and neighbors to '80s culture both to relive it for himself and to help others appreciate it. This meets with mixed success, and usually ends in his ridicule. However, he seems to be blessed with unshakable confidence and every bit of '80s nostalgia he feels only drives him onward.

His first appearance was in "Caligula (Part 2)," The Cinema Snob's 100th review. This, and subsequent cameos, reveal he apparently lives above the Snob's own residence, although interacting with the more cynical Snob has threatened his very physical existence at least once. He shares this residence with his roommate Dolly, and his friend and fellow '80s uproot R.O.B., a conscious, talking NES Robotic Operating Buddy. Despite living near the Cinema Snob, the neighbors he has the most contact with are the Crabtrees. The two appear to harbor no true ill-will toward Dan, but also seem to be generally annoyed by him.

'80s Dan is also a regular participant of Dinosaur Rob's annual poker game at the Nostalgia Critic's house, at which he befriends the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.


'80s Dan wears a white blazer and is fitted with '80s style red and blue 3D glasses, though he also wears regular black-rimmed (if quite thick and cheap looking) glasses as well.

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