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Mickey Paradis
Contributions to The Game Heroes

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The Tester Season 2

TGWTG Anniversary Specials

Year One: The Brawl

Mickey also contributed in the Year One brawl, siding with Handsome Tom and The Nostalgia Critic. He also interviewed Little Miss Gamer after the event.

Year Two: Kickassia

Mickey was also part of the Kickassia crossover where he rides Handsome Tom in a 300 style costume complete with drawn on muscles supplied by Benzaie.

Year Three: Suburban Knights

Mickey was tricked by the Nostalgia Critic into joining the quest for Malachite's Hand. For the rule that all players of the game that would lead them to the gauntlet must dress up and role play as a fantasy character, Mickey dresses up as Peter Pan, and keeps in character as a boy that would never grow up (to which the Critic states is very clear to see).

Year Four: To Boldly Flee

Mickey returns as a member of the Nostalgia Critic's crew for the journey into space. He helps ward off the agents after them by dressing up as a Men In Black agent and knocking them out with a vibrator. The leader, Agent Prick, repeatedly calls him short, enraging Mickey enough to be shown later covered in blood and dismembered limbs, showing that it is an extremely dangerous stunt to call the man short.

Known website affiliation

Over the years 8-Bit Mickey has contributed to a ton of different websites.

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is one of the staff of Game Heroes. After following Handsome Tom, Mickey helped to make their own gaming site. Tom, Mickey and Joey (their cameraman) are the three owners of the site. Mickey does the public relations work for them. He edits their podcasts, and other vids that they post. Tom and Joey also edit the Classic Game Reviews. Other than that, Mickey is a producer and editor for the teamsd.

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