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50 Shades of Green is an interactive web series project by Lindsay and Nella where they discuss modern romance novels for women while attempting to create their own for the market with the help of audience participation.

A few episodes into Season 2, the show's title was reworked into "Booze Your Own Adventure."


Episode Number Name Summary Date Released
1 Intro to the 50 Shades Lindsay and Nella introduce the interactive webseries project destined to bring the publishing world to its very knees. Or provide an amusing non-sequitur poking fun at the modern blockbuster romance novel. One or the other. February 15th, 2013
2 Gotta Have a Gimmick Lindsay and Nella scratch the tip of the iceberg regarding the appeal of books like 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight, and ask, what genre should we go for? February 21st, 2013
3 Crafting a Lovecraftian Love Story Lindsay and Nella respond to some feedback, and then toy with the idea of playing in Lovecraft's sandbox... so they can ruin it utterly. February 28th, 2013
4 The Hollow Female Protagonist Lindsay and Nella go through some suggestions regarding the plot of our masterwork, and dissect what makes a truly compelling blank slate self-insert female protagonist. March 8th, 2013
5 Cementing the Outline Lindsay and Nella start to make some decisions, and the "plot" starts to take tentacle-y shape. March 16th, 2013
6 Dreaming...of Her A more detailed outline, followed by information on how to contribute to writing this tentacled monstrosity. March 22nd, 2013
7 Young Adult and Purple Prose Lindsay and Nella discuss some of the (many many) submissions they received, and talk about some of the quirks, trends and tone we see in modern "blockbuster" Young Adult. April 5th, 2013
8 Stiff Competition Lindsay and Nella take a field trip to Barnes and Noble to check out what the situation looks like in the Teen Paranormal Romance and Regular Old Romance sections of your local bookstore. April 11th, 2013
9 The Journey Begins A very quick update on the status of our opus, which is now in the process of bastardizing Cthulhu in the name of beautiful, innocent, pure love. April 25th, 2013
10 Completion of a Great Opus The next Great American Novel is complete (the first draft, anyway). So now what? May 4th, 2013
11 Naked Came the Cthulhu Now that the book is (pretty much) done, Nella, Elisa and Lindsay look for query letter inspiration in book blurbs of successful titles they're ripping off such as Twilight, The Hunger Games, Tiger's Curse and a bottle of tears. Writer's tears. May 23rd, 2013
12 Traditional vs. Self-publishing As the rejection letters from literary agents begin to pile up, we get interest from actual professional people, which begs the question- nowadays, what are the benefits and detriments to self publishing? July 11th, 2013
13 Poe's Law Poe's Law- that not everyone can tell the difference between sincere extremism and parody of extremism. As we figure out which road we will take, we answer some comments and discuss why we decided to go about this the way we did in the first place. July 25th, 2013
14 The Cover Art Contest After a fun time up in the great white tundra that is Hamilton, Ontario, we are back and ready to find a cover artist for our masterpiece. August 7th, 2013
15 Art Contest Finalists We came to... probably more finalists than we should have, but we had an abundance of great entries to choose from. Help us decide on the final cover! August 15th, 2013
16 Cover Winner & Launch Party A short update on the final cover and the book launch- which is next week! August 23rd, 2013
17 Dramatic Reading at the Launch Party We held the launch party for ~*~AWOKEN~*~ at Enigma Bookstore in Astoria, featuring a dramatic reading by Mr. Kyle Kallgren. September 2nd, 2013
18 Parody, Satire & Serra The book has been launched to, well, some form of acclaim, some guy accuses Serra of ravaging poor Lovecraft, drama happens on Goodreads (imagine that) and Lindsay gets distracted by Transformers. September 6th, 2013

Booze Your Own Adventure (Season 2)[]

Episode Number Name Summary Date Released
19 50 Shades of Rebranding The show returns, starting with the ambition of expanding our scope, and the goal finding a slightly less Inner Goddess-related name. March 30th, 2014
20 {Still) 50 Shades of Rebranding Technical difficulties are endured, a new title is not chosen, our first viewer-suggested book to review is revealed, and we discuss the evolution of the dystopia, from Orwell to Divergent. April 6th, 2014
21 Fire & Cinder We experiment with the "George RR Martini," Nella shares her feelings on Sriracha, and we discuss "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer. April 23rd, 2014
22 Topical Parody Title finalists are revealed (we will commit to one eventually, we swear) and the elements of "Viridian Saga Book 2" are discussed. April 28th, 2014
23 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Despite all manner of technical mishap, Lindsay and Nella discuss "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" by Ransom Riggs. May 8th, 2014
24 Namaste Lindsay and Nella read some of your comments and suggestions and begin to speculate on where the wonderful, terrible Viridian Saga is headed. May 26th, 2014
25 BEA & BookCon Roundup Did you know that there's a BookCon now? And what the hell is BEA, anyway? June 9th, 2014
26 Shades of Rage Lindsay and Nella discuss the recent adult scifi dystopia, (Indeterminate number of) Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde (it precedes Fifty by several years). Feelings are... felt. July 10th, 2014
27 The Outline Lindsay and Nella begin to cobble together the outline for the sequel to Awoken: Title TBD (but it will start with the letter 'A'). July 25th, 2014
28 Lindsay Ribar & The Fourth Wish Lindsay and Elisa welcome a good friend and fellow Lindsay to talk about her life as a YA paranormal romance author and as a literary agent. July 30th, 2014
29 Scalzi Lindsay and Nella talk gender, disability, vodka, ableism, technology, morality, the role of government, biomechanics, alcoholism, legislation of the body Jesus Christ there is a lot of book in this book... August 19th, 2014


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