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This is part 4 for the Timeline. 2012 saw a great end and new beginning for part of the site.

  • March 6th: Diamanda Hagan released Urban Gothic Reviews on TGWTG.
  • March 22nd: Welshy airs a new show called Scene It.
  • June 9th: Diamanda Hagan aired her new show, Twatty Who
  • June 26th: The first Year Four Teaser Trailer gets aired.
  • July 13th: Lotus Prince becomes a contributor for Blistered Thumbs
  • July 26th: To Boldly Flee Teaser Trailer 2 gets aired.
  • August 15th: The final Year Four Trailer gets aired.
  • August 16th: GView was first released on TGWTG.
  • August 23rd: The final adventure begins as To Boldly Flee starts.
  • September 13th: Grand Finale: The Nostalgia Critic merges with the Plot Hole.
  • September 14th: Doug Walker announces the end of The Nostalgia Critic, but has more plans ahead.
  • October 1st: The first look of Todd's humble beginnings with From the Vault
  • October 23rd: A Trailer for the upcoming show: Demo Reel.
  • October 30th: Demo Reel premieres with The Dark Knight Begins Rising.
  • December 2nd: Disneycember return by popular demand and this time takes a look at
 Pixar films

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