Ask ThatGuy Episode 1.5 (June 15, 2008)

[ThatGuy is reading a book and smoking a pipe, after a second he notices the camera]

ThatGuy: Oh, hi there! Didn’t hear you come in. Greetings and welcome to Ask That Guy with the Glasses.

[Piano music starts playing, title card appears]

Narrator: You used to have a YouTube channel with your '5 Second Movies' and 'The Nostalgia Critics', but recently they were taken down. Why?

ThatGuy: That’s a very good question. You see, I made individual channels for every single one of my videos. I did this to stop studio moguls from contacting YouTube and taking my videos off. Even though I had been on YouTube for eight months they only know realized what I have been doing. And even though only one person complained about copyright infringement on only one video, they decided to take all the videos off anyway. Except for the ones with the majority of views. Like ‘Titanic in 5 Seconds’, ‘Lion King in 5 Seconds’, and so forth. I guess the higher the numbers and the more people they bring in, the less offensive it is. So to the YouTube community I have to say: Thank you. Thank you for saving me so much time. I was actually getting ready to delete all the YouTube channels because I wanted more people to look at my website, There you can find all my 5 Second Movies, as well as all the Nostalgia Critics. But I didn’t want to go and delete every single one of my channels. But thankfully, YouTube has come to save the day. It would have taken me SO much time to get rid of all those channels. But now that they’re gone, the only place you can see 5 Second Movies and Nostalgia Critic is at my website. And now that that is the only place you can see these videos my viewership will, no doubt, increase. My ad revenue will go up and I’ll actually be making more money. All because of YouTube, my knights in digital armor. So let’s all show YouTube how thankful we are and all go to my site, Where you will find all the 5 Second Movies, Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews, and even this new section you’re watching right now, Ask That Guy With The Glasses. Let’s all drop by there today. [Singing] Let’s all go to and have ourselves some treats. [Stops singing] There are no treats there. Except my glorious presence. Very glorious! Presence! Yes! This is That Guy With The Glasses saying: There’s no such thing as a stupid question, until YOU ask it.

[ThatGuy goes back to reading books]

The End

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