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0304 tits

Date Aired
October 20, 2017
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Todd: (clears throat) Okay. Hey, everyone. Um, bear with me, we're going to try a little something different today. You see, one of the things that's always, always fascinating me is...

(The following word pops up in red...)

Todd (v.o.): Failure. And not just anyone's failures...

Todd: Like, most of us are failures. I'm talking about the failures of the big stars. And not just any failure from them, either.

(Cut to a shot of a grave labeled: "R.I.P. - My Career - What Was I Thinking??")

Todd (v.o.): I'm talking about failures that artists couldn't come back from; failures that were...

Todd: ...effectively career suicide for the poor souls who released them. And I thought I'd start with a nice long look at one of the most disastrous flops I can remember.

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